The facilities of the University of Western Macedonia, are located in Florina on campus in the 3rd km. of Florina-Niki, while in Kozani, until the completion of the facilities in SPA, the faculties, laboratories and services are located in buildings allotted by the Municipality of Kozani or rented.

  • Rector’s Office, SenateResearch Committee and other Administrative Services of the University are located in the center of Kozani.
    Agios Dimitrios Park
    Τel.: 3024610 56200
    Fax: 3024610 56201
    Postcode: 50100, Kozani
  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering is accommodated in two buildings. The first one is in the corner of Mpakola and Sialbera Street, which is also the location of the secretariat and the professors’ offices. The second is in 13 Argirokastrou Street, where the laboratories are.
    Tel.: 3024610 56600
    Fax: 3024610 56601
    Postcode: 50100, Kozani
    web: http://mech.uowm.gr/index.php/en/
  • The Department of Engineering Informatics and Τelecommunications is housed at 55 Kostantinou Karamanli & Ligeris Street.The library of the faculty is also located in the same building.
    Tel.: 3024610 56600
    Fax: 3024610 56501
    Postcode: 50100, Kozani
    web: http://icte.uowm.gr/?lan=en

In the city of Florina, the University lies in the suburbs of the city, in the third kilometer of the national road Florinas – Nikis. There are accommodated four Departments, all the Administrative Services, the library and the students’ restaurant.

  • Department of Elementary Education
    3 km of National Street Florinas-Nikis
    Tel.: 3023850 55000
    Fax: 3023850 55003
    Postcode: 53100, Florina
    web: http://eled.uowm.gr/en/Home
  • Department of Nurcery Education
    3 km of National Street Florinas-Nikis
    Tel.: 3023850 55100
    Fax: 3023850 55099
    Postcode: 53100, Florina
    web: http://nured.uowm.gr/index.php/en
  • Department of Applied and Visual Arts
    3 km of National Street Florinas-Nikis
    Tel.: 3023850 55250
    Fax: 3023850 55241
    Postcode: 53100, Florina
    web: http://www.eetf.uowm.gr/english/

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