Research Committee

The responsibilities of the Research Committee are focused on managing research programs and the formulation of research policy at the University of Western Macedonia. In this context, the Special Account for Research (ELKE) inform the faculty of the University for possible funding sources, encourage the submission of proposals for specific research projects, directs and guides the University staff on financial procedures and the discovery research resources.

Purpose of the Research Committee, is the supply and administration of funds from any source, intended to cover costs of any kind which are required for the purpose of research, education, training, development and ongoing training projects and projects for scientific, technological and artistic services, specialized studies, performance tests, measurements of laboratory tests and analysis, providing advice, drafting standards for others, as well as other related services or activities that contribute to linking education and research to production and executed or supplied by members in active scientific staff of the University of Western Macedonia (faculty, SAR, SPD) or with the cooperation of other specialists in public or private.


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