Postgraduate studies

Admission to the Postgraduate Studies Programmes is regulated today by Article 4 of the Gov.Law 3685/2008.

Postgraduate studies today constitute an essential extension to Tertiary Education and play a decisive role in the achievement of educational, cultural, social and economic goals of many Universities.

Aiming at broadening and underpinning the knowledge offered to university graduates in specific disciplines of the arts and sciences, the Postgraduate Studies Programmes have been structured and are offered in most of the Faculties/Schools of the University of Western Macedonia, that award either a Postgraduate Diploma (Master’s Degree) or a Doctorate Diploma (PhD).

For further information, the Postgraduate candidates should contact directly the Faculty of their choice.

The students who are interested in further information on Postgraduate Studies at the University of Western Macedonia can run through the following links.

Lastly, in Greece there is an appropriate body for recognition of a foreign University degree named the Inter-University Center for Recognition of Foreign Academic Titles. For more information one can contact: DOATAP, 54 Agiou Konstantinou str., 10437 Athens, GREECE tel: +30 210 5281000, fax: +30 210 5239525, +30 210 5239679


Postgraduate Programs

Program of Postgraduate Studies in “Sciences of special education”

  1. Teaching of New Greek Language (in Greek language) – (
  2. Bilingual Special Education (in Greek and English language) – (
  3. Cultural studiesSemiotics and Communication (in Greek and English language) – (


Program of Postgraduate Studies in “Creative Writing”

Program of Postgraduate Studies in “Educational Sciences: Science, Environment and Technology in Education”

Program of Postgraduate Studies in “Sciences of Education: Professional learning and innovations in education”

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