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The Senate works on the Strategic Planning of the current and new University departments, and of the administration of the University.


Departments are degree-awarding units, which cater for discipline-specific education and research. They are run by: 

The General Assembly, composed of 

  • the Head of Department (Professor or Associate Professor with a two-year term of office), 
  • the Academic Staff, 
  • undergraduate student representatives (at 50% of the total number of the academic staff), and
  • representatives of Adjunct Research Fellows or postgraduate students (at 15% of the total number of the academic staff) 

In Foreign Language Departments ​​and in Departments of Physical Education and Sports, there are also representatives of the Special Teaching Staff (at 10% of the total number of the academic staff). 

The General Assembly comprises also members of the Research Teaching Staff when their number is less than or equal to 30. In case the total number of the academic staff is over 40, the General Assembly members are 30, and are allocated in the Department Divisions according to the total number of the academic staff members. 

The Head of the Department Administration service is in charge of the Administration service staff and is accountable to the Head of Department for all Department administrative functions. The General Assembly is a governing body responsible for decision-making and planning teaching and research activities.

The Department Council, which is active in case the Department includes at least 3 Divisions (otherwise responsibilities are assigned to the General Assembly), is composed of the Head and the Deputy Head of Department, the Division Directors, and representatives of undergraduate (two) and postgraduate Adjunct Research Fellows (one). One member of the Special Teaching Staff or Special Laboratory Technical Staff Representative is also present when issues of their own office and responsibility are discussed. 


Departments run Divisions, which organise and control parts of the course taught subjects. Divisions are run by:

The General Assembly, comprising two to five members of the Academic Staff (in case the number does not exceed 30% of the academic staff members), undergraduate student representatives, and one Adjunct Research Fellow or postgraduate representative.

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