Project Planning & Management

A variety of services are provided by our experienced team:

  • planning projects and development schemes to be undertaken by the Facilities Management Service
  • preparing funding proposals for projects and construction works
  • collecting, classifying and using project and construction works statistics
  • preparing detailed designs for development schemes (architectural, statics, electromechanical and techno-economical) or outsourcing
  • preparing tenders for development schemes, construction or maintenance works
  • carrying out contracts for approved construction works and procurement
  • monitoring and controlling contracts and works commissioned by the University to third parties (outsourcing)
  • engaging in planning building schemes, and approval and monitoring of projects drawn up by outsourcing
  • inspection of sites and drafting reports
  • drawing up specifications for purchase of materials and equipmentkeepi
  • ng records for standardizing construction schemes and procurement
  • engaging in grounds maintenance schemes (grassland across the University estate) or outsourcing

Head: Goula Vagia
Tel: 2461056355


Anna Pattika
Tel: 2461056356

Kyriakou Aphroditi
Tel: 2461056357

Project Planning & Management e-mail:

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