Facilities Management

The Facilities Management team delivers a range of high quality services:

  • monitoring, supervision and control of maintenance works and procurement
  • preparing and managing value measurements, protocols, unit prices, invoices and statements, comparative scoreboards, interim and final payment protocols, and approval procedures
  • checking material and construction works quality
  • managing records of project deliverables
  • inspection of facilities and proposals for required maintenance works
  • monitoring of maintenance works (lifts, air-conditioners, boilers, pumping units, electricity networks, substations, call centres, water supply networks)
  • supervising and managing the University facilities security and fire safety
  • replacement and refurbishment of building and site components and regular maintenance (repair and maintenance materials kept in storage are regularly checked for availability and use)
  • appointing building or site surveyors for inspection of facilities and maintenance
  • managing grounds and sports facilities maintenance works, site cleaning and hygiene

Head: Sapalidis Konstantinos
Tel: 2461056360
e-mail: ksapalidis@uowm.gr


Kabouridis Charalambos
Tel: 2461056361
e-mail: ckabouridis@uowm.gr

Mitsiou Georgia
Tel: 2461056362
e-mail: gmitsiou@uowm.gr

Lalos Georgios
Tel: 2461056363
e-mail: glalos@uowm.gr

Padanoglou Constantinos
Tel: 2461056364
e-mail: kpadanoglou@uowm.gr


Koutsi Vassiliki (vkoutsi@uowm.gr)
Kotsopoulos Petros (pkotsopoulos@uowm.gr)
Fotinos Ioannis (ifoteinos@uowm.gr)
Chrysoula Touriali (xtouriali@uowm.gr)
Sapountzis Athanasios (asapountzis@uowm.gr)

Facilities Management Helpdesk (fault report): https://service.uowm.gr
e-mail: technical@uowm.gr

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